What we do


Alumni Circle

Through the Duja Alumni Circle, we connect with those project beneficiaries that took part in programmes where Duja Consulting was an implementation partner, and offer them opportunities for personal and professional development, networking, and information sharing. We also provide alumni a platform to help us serve them and future alumni better by hosting exchange sessions with alumni and key project stakeholders.

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Future Ready Youth

Skills for the future are broad and multifaceted and require dedicated effort to impart on those that need them. We use Future Ready Youth projects to equip young people with the relevant future skills they need to thrive in their chosen career path. To prepare them for success, we design and recruit unemployed youth onto programs  that focus on work integrated learning, technical and core skills development, as well as personal wellness. Contact us to learn more about our Future Ready Youth


Young & Self Employed

We live in a generation of side hustles, freelancing and on-demand work and sometimes these elements of the gig economy transform into opportunities for self-employment. Whether one labels themselves a hustler or an entrepreneur, there are key skills needed to survive in the world of opportunity creation and we use this project to hone those skills with the end-goal of turning youth into future employers. Through bootcamps, workshops and extended programs, we pass on the necessary tools to the young and ambitious to help them overcome challenges that come with being Young & Self-Employed. Talk to us to get more information.